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Original post by: Jimfixer ,


@markpa28r Hope you didnt use car motor oil in your bike . The shear stability of car oil is not good enough for the gearbox of a bike and its wet clutch system . it will work for a while but then as the velocity of the oil breaks down your clutch will suffer and die . It costs more but is defiantly worth the money to always use a good quality motorcycle oil . Next before replacing your clutch put the bike on the center kick and get the rear tire off the ground wieght the front end so the rear tire stays in the air then put the bike in gear and run it at an idle for a while then try giving it short bursts of power and watch for slippage as the clutches work in the new oil  the clutch should improve. If this brings no joy and your clutch still slips heres a video to show the steps to changing out the clutch

is still uncertain there are hundreds of other youtube videos to watch on the subject . Hope this helps