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I don't mean any offense to anybody but this is one mess of a thread.  Here's some IMO about this situation.  The monitors are not worth repairing.  1)  All of my customers from CAD operators to graphic designers are happier with a $150 32"1080P HDMI TV monitor.  No, the video quality is not as good under a direct comparison but the size makes up for it and there is no eye strain.  The adapter for MacBooks is a small additional cost.  2) The direct wiring of the LED circuit is not an acceptable solution to deal with the power supply problem because it stays on and you can't control the brightness, not a solution I could use with any client.  3)  The backlighting strip connectors and the jumper connector are a fix I have tried a number of times.  It works occasionally but isn't worth the time because the monitors suffer from intelligent cable problems and other issues such that when I fix one, the customer ends up bringing it back,  4) The claimed BIOS calendar timed destruction is something that simply doesn't exist because many of these monitors that see little usage are still working like they did since new.  Unfortunately, by the time someone that comes here has had the frustrating experience of trying some of the carefully detailed solutions to no avail,,they will have wasted more time than these old monitors are worth.  Unfortunately they simply do not hold up as well as MacBooks.