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Purchasing the LCD with digitizer would be recommended for those with novice to intermediate mechanical skills. You would require a heat gun and possibly a soldering kit and some experience to remove just the glass cover alone. It's nerve wracking enough the first time taking a phone apart (especially Iphones), save yourself the stress and ensure a better outcome by getting the entire LCD display. I'm an electrician by trade and I freaked out a little the first time I opened up my phone. Get yourself a legitimate Jeweler's screwdriver set (easily $5 or $6 on eBay) and a magnet/magnetic mat to hold the VERY tiny screws (typically 2mm Phillips Head). Watch a youtube tutorial on your specific model phone a couple times and be comfortable with what you're going to do before you do it. You'll need to apply firm but CONTROLLED pressure when removing both the screws and the cables affixing the internal components (cameras x 2; speaker; bell; jack; digitizer). It requires a little pressure for removal of the components, but you don't want to rip/destroy the cables or strip the screws out. Use a pair of tweezers to help out. When tightening the screws down, tighten until they just become firm. It may sound like a nerve-wracking experience, but once you get comfortable and even do a couple, they're easy and fun. Plus, you can make a couple bucks. So go for it.