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Original post by: Marshall ,


If this is like what happened to me you should be able to see the home screen and pull down the status bar. If this is the case this answer will tell you how to fix it. The problem is that you somehow got rid of your launcher.

Fix 1.

very easy but will only work if you have cwm recovery or twrp installed if you don't know what this is you probably don't have it installed

Go to this site and download the aroma version for your android place it on the sd card or internal memory using your computer.

Then boot into recovery and start installing the open gapps zip you downloaded and during installation select custom then select to install google now launcher nothing else finish installing and reboot now it should work

Fix 2.

Download this if you are on android 4 or above:

Download this if you are on android less than 4:

Now make your way to settings in android 4 or above pull down the status bar at the top then click the little gear android less than 4 click the button by the home button that looks like a list then click settings after you are in settings follow the instructions in this article to side load the apk file you downloaded above


after you sideload the file using one of the methods in the above article restart your device and it should work