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Original post by: Sam Rame ,


I had the same issues, screen freezing, opening apps by itself, selecting the screens and typing on it's own. I first suspected aliens and then ghosts and then hackers.

iPhone 6 is weak physically and tend to bend on pressure. And my phone had no case or cover.

I took the phone to apple stores and they said sensors need to be replaced and possibly screen replacement as well. My phone is just 17 months old.

Here is what I did two days ago and since then it is working like a charm..

Hold the phone in portrait (as if watching a movie). Twist it very very gently. do it few times.Rest the phone for 10 mins (put it on a flat surface). You can now notice those self typing things gone and screen getting stabilized.

Then, reset the hardware (hold the power and home button till the screen goes off and comes back with apple logo). release the buttons when you see this.

Then, connect to your laptop and log in to iTunes and reset your phone completely. (please take a back-up first).

And your phone should be good to use again.

What really happened here for me is that the sensors might have stuck to the screen and with mild twisting, they got disengaged/released.

I posted this in Apple Community and the moderators deleted it, for the best reasons known to them.

Instead of throwing away your phone (or selling cheaply), try this and you could be saving your phone.

Let me know how it goes.