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Original post by: Kyle Thomas ,


I founded the real solution. The volume knob on the dvd player is the reason for the problem. Turn down the volume to 0 make sure to feel the clicks on the knob. When you have reached 0 stop. Turn your volume knob once untill you feel one click. The volume wont go up to 1. The reason for this is to have a dj effect. A better way to explain to you guys having this problem. Between volume 0 and 1 is 2 clicks. When it is exactly on volume 0 it is minus, one click up is normal and one more click is high. Which means when it is on minus it wil slowly go down. Normal will stay the same volume and high will slowly higher your volume. Make sure it is on normal. It is just an extra feature of dvd/ blu-ray players. Hope you guys find this useful.