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Son of a gun. the aspire V5-571's been siting for a few years doing no good -caught my eye and thought "spare hard drive", I had my uses.

At least I felt it prudent enough to search for a cause/fix and when I found I wasn't alone in it not starting up (fact lost in the masses), mine worked for a few hours. Then nothing.

I did the power button and F12 knowing full well the bios wasn't involved on just a wild chance...

Reading your suggestion was met with wow that was a stretch, yet thought !&&* at least give it a try, it makes sense, and step one of any project. Tested fine voltage wise 19 VDC, plugged it in; pulled the battery and the freaking thing started up. %#*@ near tripped over the dog it surprised me so.

I thank you very much, both you and for this exchange.

Not sure how much survived, I had backed it up, looks like 8.1 might be a go. Linux KDE Plasma and a small partition of 8.1, Linux "KDE-Connect" has me so anxious to try, well !&&* I found a hard drive over it :)

Thank you very much, you helped me so many ways by that one post, it's hard to express the appreciation of you taking your time to share abit a simple solution yet some are just so single minded, I was just going through the motions while looking for a screw driver.

Oh gosh when I spread it I can get carried away... Least it's not your normal, I'd of figured it out but thank you for your post just the same...

So much on my plate at the moment, honest I'm backing up Linux Mint, Installing a fresh copy of Win7, fighting grub to get past it to Linux Mate, while prepping the laptop for 8.1 and Linux Plasma, -0 degrees and a foot of snow out there.

In between I've been piecing this post together since morning, makes for it being a tad long.