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Yeah... for sure magic housing has it radio radio antennas stick on it but with a little patience you can remove them and stick it back.

Beware of the screws. I needed to remove the metal fittings and replace them with the old ones. Very hard to do.

Look after the vibrator. I had the replacement housing scratched a bit so the cam would rotate easily.

Remove the tape around the screen hole if you want the LCD to be at the same level with the case.

Use the old keys and paint the case black from inside if don't want to see the leds through the plastic.

Check the plastic diffuser of the upper leds. You may need to keep the old one if there are not identical.

Be careful with the volume key. It only fits one way and its rubber clips are easy to break.

Don't make any appointments for the next two or three hours. It's time consuming procedure.

All above are problems that i manage to fix but these are  subject to case manufacture.If you are lucky you might not meet any of those.

I think there are 2 or 3 (except the original) different qualities.

Mine was HT-03A. Probably the worst.