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Original post by: Walter Kovacs ,


At risk of insulting or frustrating people with unbelievably simple solution,

How many of you with the screen blackout issue during calls HAVE A SCREEN PROTECTOR FILM COVERING THE SENSOR BAY?

After reading some of the comments, someone suggested the proximity sensor was getting false positives from reflection from the screen window itself.

Is it possible certain screen protectors worsen, magnify or  complicate this issue?

The screen blackout issue is pretty new to my phone, and i DID just put a screen protector on in the past week.

To dad insult to injury, it's actually an iPhone 6 protector i got on clearance which i cut to fit my LG Lucky with an Xacto knife.

Please comment on this thread if it fails to solve the problem, or actually works.

i will cut a piece away over the sensor area and post an update if the undesired operation changes.