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Original post by: ProtoW ,


Hi folks!

well, I'm in the same situation as everyone there. Spent some money to upgrade my  Late 2008 MBP ( 8Gigs of RAM, Samsung SSD), and one day this huge trench on the hinge.

Did the glue trick. Worked 2 months. Did it again. Worked only 2 weeks. So kept it trenched, moving / opening / closing the screen very carefully.

Decided also to clean the fans ... and now I've got a nasty dust between the LCD and the glass (I know, my fault, I should have thought twice)!!!

So now it's time to replace the display assembly.

I have the opportunity to get a "fried NVidia" MBP 2010.

Would it be possible to use its display assembly? Found a topic on using a MBP 2009 display assembly, but not the 2010 one.

Or maybe I should try something on the MBP2010.

Any advice will be welcome. I love my Late 2008 MBP. Still a beast.