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Original post by: Jurriaan Kuiper ,


So, I dropped my screen ages ago.

This week I thought, let's fix the crack in my screen myself.

I bought a nice iPhone 6 plus screen replacement, knowing that I had to replace everything.

The fix went fine, until the point that my screen got unresponsive in 2 minutes.

Rebooting didn't work

De-assembled and re-assembled, didn't work.

What did work:

Because of the fall my phone made, one of the unibody's corners was (probably) bend.

De-assembled the screen

I bend the corner back, just so slightly

Reassembled the whole thing.

How do you know you have the same thing?

Assemble the screen, but don't put it back in the phone's unibody.

If it works then, and stops working when you put it in: maybe one of your corners is to heavily bend.

Hope this might help the frustrated ones, just like me.