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Original post by: Reece ,


The part which is damaged is the latch for the keyboard connector. I do not know if you can buy the latch separately, but I find it easier to solder a new keyboard connector if this is missing, since it is very fiddly to fit the latch back in.

The Macbook should boot when a charger is plugged in, even if the keyboard is not plugged in or recognised. Try plugging the charger in without the battery plugged in, see if it boots. To see if the keyboard is recognised, have you tried an SMC reset, to see if the orange light on the charger goes to green? Is the new charger supply directly from Apple? If not, it will likely not be genuine and I would recommend getting one from Apple. Why did you change the charging port? The new one could be faulty, so I would recommend plugging the old one in to see if it works.

Sorry for bombarding you with questions, but work through this and let me know how it goes.