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Original post by: Roberto Silvestri ,


No audio after charging port replacement, possible ESD damage?


Hi eveyrbody, today I was replacing a galaxy s5 charging port flex cable.

Before closing the smartphone I tested it and I noticed that suddendly I had no audio from the back speaker and from the front speaker also.

I said strange, after having removed the screen I had audio, I heard it from the booting screen of the phone.

Now the only thing I'm thinking is: is it possible that I killed an IC, a filter,  a resistor or a capacitor  that was in charge of all the audio of the smartphone by an ESD discharge?

Yeah, I don't work in an anti-static environment now, I'm gonna implement it in the near future I promise.

That's the only thing I'm thinking right now because after having excluded a software disease I don't know what to think.

Thanks in advance



Samsung Galaxy S5