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The Launcher is software.  Today ALL software has bugs. The biggest single Android issue is the lack of memory management that would permit several apps to run simultaneously without mutual interference,the second is a total lack of clean exit/shutdown requirements for Playstore apps. Many apps, when close by a more recently opened app, will cache data from their last run.  This data can easiy become corrupted.

A way to minimize the problems is to accept that Android is not multitasking. Use Developer options to immediately closed Apps moved to the "background". Clear all cache data periodically from Settings/Storage.  Restart your device at least once each day, more frequently if you launch apps many times during the day.

Being the only app that runs all then time, the Launcher can be effected by other software overwriting its data, or by a shortage of memory caused by apps not releasing the memory they use.

Before trying extreme measures,  uninstall any updates to the Asus Launcher app from Settings/Applications, and do a fresh update of the factory version  from the Google Playstore.