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Original post by: mayer ,


From my sweet rep at Mac-Parts:

OWC, Intel and a few other SSD manufacturers offer an utility that mimics what TRIM does. SSD Over-Provisioning is the technique used and by providing extra memory capacity (which the user can't access) the SSD controller can more easily create pre-erased blocks - ready to be used in the virtual pool. This is beneficial for two reasons:

1. If a cell goes bad the over-provisioned cell will takes its place

2. faster overall write IOPS because there is no slow down while files are being erased and rewritten

All OWC SSD’s are made with the SandForce SF-1200 architecture that utilizes the over-provisioning technology. In essence, a portion of NAND is allocated for data storage and the remainder reserved for transaction and cache buffer space.

2 beneficial effects of Over-Provisioning are:-

•    faster overall write IOPS, and

•    better reliability