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Original post by: maidmarr ,


I got a new LG Rebel in August 2016 to replace my Samsung Centura.  (well I think that's what it was).  It was a 3g phone.  I travel back and fourth to Canada and NEVER had an issue with the old phone for over a year.  The new one starts to read Invalid Sim Card as soon as I cross the border and nothing will fix it, right to tried a full factory reset.  Got a new sim card from Tracfone, it worked for 3 weeks, went to Canada again and before even getting across the border I guess i picked up a Canada Cell tower and the 4g LTE LG Rebel started showing Invalid Sim Card message again.  Stayed in spite of all that was done by me, tracfone tech etc, until I put in a new sim card.  It has worked for well over a month since then and now I'm back in Canada.  I shut the phone off before crossing the border and removed the battery so hopefully when i go back to the states it starts up and works no problem.  But seems if i cross to Canada or hit a Canadian cell tower it starts to flash the message and nothing but a new activated sim card makes it work again.