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Original post by: trevor ,


I managed to put the nano card inside iphone6 without the tray. I could not believe it and I also managed to push it further inside by desperately using the tray to try and remove it. By the time I'd finished it had fallen inside a fair way l.  You could barely see it with a bright light ! I tried a few things but they did not work.  I then  heated a needle over a candle until it was very hot and then placed it inside against the plastic back of sim card. I then left it for five minutes and lo ! it came out easily first go. I was most relieved ! I would have had to make an appointment at the genius bar. I think they would have had to remove the cover to get it out. There are two small screws you remove to take the back off the iphone. You can also try to do it yourself with a special screwdriver but getting the off and back on is a bit tricky. I felt a bit of a goose--but then learnt that other people had done it too. Anyway this worked for me so all is well that ends well