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Original post by: Marc ,


TouchID not working after rear camera replacement


I recently replaced my rear camera since it stopped working after the phone was dropped. The replacement was quick and straightforward, but it appears that I've lost my TouchID after the repair. I've read that the TouchID ribbon and home button are integral to the process.

I removed the heat shield the closely inspected the ribbon and have yet to find any damage to the ribbon itself, but with each subsequent reassembly, I'm always met with the "TouchID can't be activated" disclaimer when booting up the device.

What I've tried so far:

- Hard reset

- Soft reset

- Reset network settings

- Reset all settings

- Inspected connections at logic board and near the home button

- Replaced entire assembly (heat shield/TouchID ribbon)

I'm completely stumped with this device as of right now. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


iPhone 6