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Original post by: Damir Perisa ,


dan2h, did you do some benchmarks with your mSATA ssd via addapter?

i am considering upgrading my retina 2012 and while jetdrive 725 and owc are an option, they are more expensive for the speed and capacity they offer and are also not future-proof (when 2tb drives will come out).

i am thinking to get a m.2 to apple addapter and a samsung 850 or a intel 600p or 5400s M.2 drive. anyone did this? what M2 drives are compatible to be used in the apple retina 2012 via such an addapter and with what speeds?

from what i understand, the addapter is just a physical adjustment and the controler of the apple mainboard will deal with the drive how it can (sata 6gb/s for the retina 2012 i think)

feedback and input from any side welcome