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Original post by: Em ,


"P" key not working after liquid spill


Yesterday, I made a stupid mistake and spilled some milk + soggy bran flakes onto my computer. (A Lenovo 100s Chromebook.) Most of it went onto the keyboard; I got paper  towels right away and wiped it up. I wiped the surface of the keyboard, giving extra attention to the little crevices around the keys where they're set into the computer; I did not remove any of the keys or disassemble any part of the computer (I don't know how to).

I could have sworn that everything was working fine after that (I tried typing out the alphabet + numbers, punctuation and backspace key) but then, when I came back to the computer after leaving it open for a few hours, the "p" key was no longer working. It still isn't. I press it, and nothing happens. No other keys seem to be malfunctioning - I tried typing the alphabet again, and everything showed up save for p.

Is there anything that can be done for it at this point? I don't know how to remove the key to clean under it (and put it safely back on), but if that's what it takes to fix it, I can learn or get help from somebody else. Thank you for reading.

(Before anybody asks - I got the letter "p" to appear throughout this post using copy-and-paste.)


Lenovo ideapad 100s chromebook