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Original post by: Chris ,


I have had issues with my ps4 randomly ejecting discs then it led up to this. I have found that somehow the part that covers the hard drive is squeezing onto the hdd and disc compartment too tightly and it's confusing the ps4. So that means it will keep trying to get the disc out to prevent damage or just not turn on in risk of the disk motion doing rubing or hitting something. I found that if you just take the cover off of your ps4 (the one that just pulls off to show the hdd) that it works flawlessly without further issues. I have done multiple tests trying to figure this out because I kind of like figuring the's kind of things out and more importantly I like my ps4. So just try that and see if it works. It's something with how it's clipped onto the area with the power/eject bottons combined with the added pressure (even as slight as it may be) messes with the intrenal enough to where the ps4 will think something is wrong. I hope this works for anyone having this issue. Happy gaming!