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Original post by: Julie Duregger ,


The unit shut off mid-cycle and now there is no power


Hello.  I hope someone can help.

I started a load in my washer this morning as I was walking out the door - something I have done almost every day since we got it.   When I returned home, there was no light on indicating that the clothes were clean.  I thought maybe the power was out, but the power was on.  I checked the circuit breaker and it was fine, but I re-set it just in case.  When I checked the washer again, still nothing.  No lights.  The clothes are locked inside because there is no power to unlock the door.  It doesn't look like the cycle ever started because the clothes look dry (never wet).  The detergent drained out of the drawer into the unit, but the fabric softener is still in there.  All these things lead me to believe that the unit just shut off shortly after I left the house.

My questions are these:

1.  Is there a re-set button the the washer itself?

2.  Is there a fuse or something that controls the power that I can replace?

3. Has anyone ever had this problem?  What did you do?

Thanks so much.  I have loved this machine and hope we can fix it.


Kenmore Elite HE3 Washing Machine