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Original post by: Fabio ,


Replacing the front cover is easy, but I would absolutely '''not''' recommend to replace the body of the Magic. At least not with the housings that are sold on ebay. Reason is: the Bluetooth and GPS antennas are glued onto the body / middle part of the housing. You can see them as two stickers, one on the left and one the right side of the camera glass. Now, if you replace the body, BT and GPS won't work, because 99.9% of the housings sold on ebay '''don't''' contain these antennas and it's to risky to remove them from the original body.

You have three choices:

1. Get an original housing (don't ask me where because I don't know) and try to replace it.

2. Only replace the front case, which is a pretty easy operation. Just '''don't buy the housings with only the HTC logos''', because they are built very bad:

- the vibrating motor will be stuck due to case design fail

- the thread inserts in the four corners are too small (I busted three of my four screws)

- the LEDs from the six buttons will shine through the case (although you can only see it in the night)

- and last but not least the included track ball will not work properly too

3. Try to make your own antennas. Someone did it and made a how-to:

He claims it's easy but I found it pretty hard and frustrating. It took me some hours but in the end it didn't even work and i ended up replacing only the front case.