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Original post by: Jim Harnock ,


Device Overheating AND Battery Temp Too Low to Charge?


I've had my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 for quite a while and had occasionally encountered the "Charging Paused - Battery Temp Too Low" error.  Annoying, but I've managed to get by.

However, recently I've been getting "Device Overheating" errors, causing all active apps to shut down (and in once instance, the whole tablet to shut itself off).  And then last night -- twice, in fact -- I got the overheating error and battery temp too low error within 60 seconds of each other.  How is even possible to be overheating and the battery be cold at the same time?

I obviously have an issue here, so my question is more where the issue would lie.  Is this something that cold be remedied by replacing the battery, or is this a deeper issue with the hardware?


Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0