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Original post by: marquis ,


iPhone 4 stuck on connect to iTunes screen


Hi, I recently repaired an old iPhone of mine intending to recover data from it. I broke it in an accident 3-4 years ago, and just now decided it was time to replace the LCD/digitizer and battery. I succeeded in repairing it, but now it tells me to connect to iTunes so that I can access it, with the USB cable and iTunes logo on the screen. Easy enough, right? Except that when I plugged it into my PC, iTunes told me that I would be unable to access it unless I put in the password. I remember the password, but the problem is, I am unable to put it in because the screen is stuck at the USB cable and iTunes logo, and will only allow me to make emergency calls. Is there any way around this? Thank you for your time.


iPhone 4 Verizon