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Original post by: SPB ,


I have a Microsoft Lumia 535 (purchased June 2015) and the battery performance is terrible.

When I first got it, the battery that came with it would take three hours to charge to 100% but would only last nine hours, even if I just left the phone on the coffee table and did not use it. I have the data connection switched off, the battery saver on and settings such as screen brightness reduced.

I have found that when I get the "battery critically low" warning, I can switch the phone off with it reporting battery level 5%, go home and switch it back on to plug in the charger and it reports battery level 19% or 20% - clearly it can be recharged by static electricity!

I bought a new battery - looks like the original except not embossed with 'Microsoft' and clearly just a generic Chinese replica. The new battery took seven hours to charge from scratch and failed to last four hours.

I could not recommend this product to anybody. I used to have a Nokia 2G phone that would go fully charged for a week but it seems since it became Microsoft it is all Chinese mass-production and no Finnish technology.