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Original post by: limpinho ,


I had the same problem with my sony xperia ZL. Both wifi and Bluetooth have no sign of life, I tried to reset to factory default and change the firmware but not resolved. With the help of Vincent Pelletier answer, I followed this wifi and bluetooth  chip.

[|Xperia ZL board]

The board had many probable chips protected by the metal shield. Luckily for me it was the most isolated and the easiest of them.

[|Chip wifi and bluetooth]

I removed the cap metal. Thinking it might be a reflow problem as said, I put a piece of paper in order to press the chip against the plate and then put this part of the plate on top of a clothes iron on maximum power for a few minutes.

[|Scheme used to make the iron in a horizontal position.]

[|Only the part of the chip on iron.]

This was possible because the part of the plate under the chip does not have any component.

[|The bottom of board]

This solves the problem.