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Original post by: MaryEve ,


2DS Black Screen while power on


So a few days ago, I left my 2DS on the sleep mode for a while and I might or might not drop it accidentally. I don't remember and found out later that when i push the power button to turn it on, the blue led lights and the screen is black,

not black like it was turn off but black we definitely see that it is turn on but won't show anything. (backlight working probably?)

I tried to hold the power 10 seconds and wait but the only image i can see is when I push the power button when it's on and it asks you if you are sure if you want to turn it off. From there, and from there only, I can push the home button and it shows the white screen telling you you're going to the home screen. but it is stuck there and won't go to the actual home screen.

I want to know what exactly is the problem here and if you know how to fix it i would be grateful.

thank you


Nintendo 2DS