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Original post by: RuneLassen ,


So you have only the .mdf and .ldf files?

The only thing left to try is:

1) take a copy of the ORIGINAL .mdf file (it's far better if it's the file as it looked BEFORE you attempted to attach it -- the attach attempt itself will modify the file)

2) if the db has only the one primary fg, attempt to do a "sp_attach_single_file_db" on the file.

If it has multiple fgs, primary and one or more secondaries, you will have to use CREATE DATABASE ... WITH ATTACH_REBUILD_LOG

For example, select "New Query" from withn Express, then issue this command:

EXEC sp_attach_single_file_db 'Db_Attach_Test',


Of the programs I can recommend to you SQL Server Recovery Toolbox if the above suggestion don't help. I hope everything works out for you.