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Original post by: Ethan Chow ,


First, try a factory reset by pressing and holding the key combination to get into recovery mode. This key combo varies by device but is usually Power+VolUP+Home for samsung devices. Once you are in recovery use the volume keys to select factory reset/wipe data and yes.

If the issue persists, you will need to re flash your tablet's firmware using ODIN. For this, you will need a windows PC with the correct drivers for your device, and the firmware package.

1. Download ODIN from

2. Grab the samsung drivers for your model by googling <Your tablet model> samsung odin drivers

a. be careful about getting a virus here, many sites provide fake drivers and bundle PUPs with their drivers.

3. Put your device in ODIN flash mode by pressing the correct keycombo. Again, this varies by device but is usually Power+VolumeDown+Home

4. Click the "PDA" button in Odin and select your firmware. the extension should be .tar.md5

5.  Do not modify any other settings, leave their defaults and hit start.

a. If START is greyed out or you dont see your device in the top left, check your drivers and USB connection.

6. You should see a progressbar at the top left and after it is done your tab will reboot and the progress bar will say PASS