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Original post by: dhruvsharma ,


The “Mobile Network Not Available” Error is a common issue which appears in many smartphones like Samsung, Lenovo. When the error comes, you can’t make or receive any call.

Actually, it is not a problem of your handset. The error comes due to service disruption or the lack of Signal within your area.  When any disruptions occur (while roaming) then sometime at that moment, the handset doesn’t catch the proper signal and generate a message “Mobile Network Not Available.”

This is the first and very simplest method to fix this problem. Many people around the world use this trick to solve Mobile Network Not Available issue.

#     Power off your Smartphone.

#     Remove the Battery.

#     Remove the SIM Card

#     Wait for 1 or 2 minutes.

#     Re-insert the SIM Card and Battery.

#     And, Restart the Smartphone.

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