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Original post by: Brooke Rickettson ,



Glue MAY NOT be needed!

Another answer for a very frustrating situation.

I needed to replace the battery on my 6 year old Mac-it wasn't holding a charge anymore! So I got a replacement, and got the back cover off with no real fuss...(used a drinking glass to hold the lose screws-they are apparently super expensive to replace if lost!!) .......then came the internal battery screws. These screws are screwed down super tight, and are a soft metal, so even when using the (in my case ) included with the replacement little screwdrivers-and yes one of those was a 3prong!-two of the three got pretty stripped!

I thought I was *ahem* screwed!

I looked online and found this forum: tried the rubber band trick- and I only ended up poking through the rubber. It might have nugged the one I tried it on.

BEFORE I went for glue, I took some needle nose pliers I had been using to get a better grip on the small screwdrivers(glasses repair kits have a flat head, great for cross screws!) and, for the heck of it, gripped the head of the screw, turns out, they are not a sunken screw inside a case! THIS WORKED!!!!

The plastic tab extending from the battery that the screw holds down did get fractured, but not sure if this was met bad, or due to the original tightness.

Needless to say, all three came out, the battery is replaced, (watch for the connector, it attaches to the underside of the battery and plugged into the rest of the computer near the center edge of the battery, it will need to be pryed from the plugg's sides gently, ) and my computer lives to die another day!