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Original post by: Joe ,


I just fixed my DC14 which was making a loud noise when vacuuming.  The noise would stop with the handle in the upright position.  I could resume vacuuming for a short period of time and the noise would start again.  I cleaned all of the hair and junk off of the roller.  This helped some (for a while).  I checked the Internet and found information saying the clutch is probably bad.  I also found a Youtube video on changing the belt.  I took the bottom plate off by turning the  three locking screws.  Then I removed the roller.  This was a pain since the belt was not broken.  While holding the end pieces of the roller, I was able to move the roller, but it did not turn freely.  I removed the end pieces by pulling them straight out from the roller.  There was dust and lint packed in this area.  After removing the dust and lint and putting the ends back on, the roller turned freely.  I put everything back together and . . . NO NOISE!  I hope this will work for you.