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I had a similar problem.... my macbook pro 13 retina late 2013 went into sleep mode, i think the battery had too little power if i remember correctly. anyways, closed the lid and connected the magsafe2 adapter and left it to charge over night. woke up the next morning and my macbook was dead, the light on the charger showed amber the night before and green the next morning indicating charged... tried sms reset etc, all the tricks in the book, nothing worked. i suspected logic board failure, but decided to wait till i have enough money for a new magsafe adapter or find a friend with the same machine or adapter. finally five months later, got a magsafe2 adapter from a friend. my machine still dead and i opened it up, the fan would run for about a second when powering up and then stop, still no life... phoned apple care and the tec told me from his experience this sounds like a hardware issue but definitely not logic board failure as the fan still turns even for just a second or two and told me to take it in to the genius bar, on my way there now, will let you know what they say....