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Original post by: tadej rezar ,


Where can I find a replacement battery?



I have a P34G and my battery is slowly dying out. Now I wanted to buy a new battery, but the problem is, they are no where to be found. And well Gigabyte is very reluctant to provide any other info except for where I can send the laptop so they can service it. This is a no option for me, because the nearest service is 600km away, which means a lot of possible things to go wrong on the way there and back, as well as me being apart from my working computer for at least 2 or more weeks. So...

1. Does anyone know where I could buy such a battery? It's supposed to be Schenker GNC - C30.

2. Does anyone have any experience with installing a different battery in to it? I'm especially interested in the P34g v2 bigger capacity battery, but can't seem to find any info on which battery it is and where to buy them as well.

I will be grateful for any information at all!

Cheers, Tadej!


Gigabyte P34G