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Original post by: jared ,


This just happened to my laptop a moment ago and my laptop is theoretically impenetrable. It is protected by McAfee anti-virus installed by Cisco. I too am now wondering if the flashing light is at all linked to the camera being on because I am not running any application that I have configured to use the camera.

I'm an IT security expert and my gut feeling is that I just got hacked. The reality is it's more likely that the light was broken. It's time for Apple to investigate, because either their hardware is defective, their operating system is defective or I'm too lazy to work out the alternative which is simply that I don't pay attention to all the applications running on my system and one of them is doing something it shouldn't be doing.

Whilst this was going on I had just woken my laptop from sleep mode and Chrome gave me the rainbow spinning wheel. I'm on the very latest OSX image at this moment.

Options: I got hacked. My laptop is defective. My operating system is defective. My applications are defective. I am defective. I wonder which it could be? :)