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Original post by: Krina Patel ,


YouTube giving an error 'please check your network connection'


Hi I just connected my Sony TV to the Internet three days ago.  YouTube was working fine the first day.   And now it is not working.  It keeps giving me the error message 'please check your network connection'  everytime I try to get on that app. I checked my Internet connection,  I am able to get on Netflix without any problems.  I also switched off everything   unplugged and replugged the wires,  and still unable to get in YouTube app on TV.

By the way,  YouTube works fine on the other laptops and phones.

I did do photo plus sharing from my phone to TV end of the first day.  Could that have to do with any of this error?

I'm posting for the first time,  don't know how this site works,  I hope I get notified.


Sony Bravia TV 55'' ultra 4k