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Dear guys,

I created few photos of my repaired AppleTV, however, I didn't document the whole process from the beginning with photos of the original power adapter and how it was disconnected. It was quite straightforward operation to unsolder 6 wires connected to 2 points at original power switching module using iron solder. Below there is a photo with unsoldering points. Well, let's see what I have on the hands. That's how it all looks like after the repair:




You can see that the external power adapter MeanWell P66A-1R1B 5В/8.5A I used as replacement is big enough. Indeed, it's not so easy to find external adapter with such high output currency =7.2A. For needed power around 40W manufacturers usually provide the units with high voltage & low currency, rather than vice versa. May be you will be more lucky to find more compact external adapter with required parameters.

(Originally the power adapter  was with 5-pin connector, but I replaced it with simple smaller plug. I purchased it with corresponding plug socket in microelectronics shop.)




From this picture of AppleTV internals you can see the original ''power switching module'' is removed. However, power cable connected to the motherboard is left and is reconnected now directly to the power plug socket mounted on the case of AppleTV.

The power cable connected to motherboard socket has 6 wires, 3 blue ones and 3 brown.  All brown wires are corresponding to '''+''', while blue ones are '''ground'''. So, all brown wires are closed to each other and soldered to '''+''' pin of my external power plug socket. All blue wires are closed to each other and soldered to '''ground''' connector of the external plug socket.

The next picture shows the unsoldering points at original power switching module.



The mounting of new power plug socket on the border of AppleTV is not tricky, so well you can use any suitable power plug and matching socket you like and can find in the near shops.

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Good luck!