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Original post by: Leeza ,


Signs of life in N64


I just got myself a N64 for my birthday and nothing I do makes my TV's (newer LG 62in and new Roku 32 in tv... I have another insignia 40 in I haven't tried it on but after the first 2 I figured it was the system or the fact that these are newer tvs) acknowledge it's connected.... Now the red light is on, but to be honest I haven't had an n64 in over a decade... what should I be looking for to make sure I didn't get a dead system? ( have 3 days to return before I'm stuck with it, so I need to know 100% it's my tvs not the system!) The light comes on but it makes NO sound, no fan noise, no turning on noise, nothing, is that normal?

Thanks in advance for any replies/help!


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