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Original post by: Abdur Rahman ,


I have not tried to replace the microusb charging port, but in reviewing the [|Maintenance and Service guide] documentation for the microusb charging jack, it is part of I/O board, identified by part number 761971-001 on page 8. You can also see this part on the [|Product End of Life Disassembly Instructions] as well.

The [|HP Part Surfer] does not list it as available for purchase, but you may be able to find it through an [|Authorized Parts Partner].

However, since this is a micro usb charging port, I would approach replacing the port itself no differently than you would a phone or tablet.

In the process of searching for your answer, I found [|How to fix the Hp Chromebook 11], which identifies the connection between the motherboard and battery connection as a cause where the Chromebook itself does not show that it is charging.

Since you have several, I thought it would be a good start to verify that the ports are not working before replacing them.

If you have to change the micro usb receptacle, it is a USB Micro-B. You can find the [|USB connectors mating matrix] on Wikipedia to verify.