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Original post by: Ben Wilson ,


Glass only replacment!? -iPhone 6


Hello everyone!!

I'm a pretty techie person and recently someone punched my iphone and cracked the screen!!!! I'm over joyed about this!!!(He punched it from behind btw, idk how but it cracked). Anyways, the lcd and digitizer are fine, but I hate having cracked glass. i know that the glue from the glass to the frame is very difficult and super strong in the 6's HOWEVER,  the screen I have is after market and pretty cheap and the adhesive that holds the glass to the frame is super weak and is already starting to fall off. I could easily get the glass and lcd away from the frame of the screen. My question is, once the frame is off (which will be VERY easy) could I easily use a  molybdenum wire to get the lcd off? And if I could, would I be able to use some loca glue and a glass replacing mold and stick a new one on there and then super glue it to the frame??




iPhone 6