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Original post by: George ,


Fisrt check this things.

Turn on your pc,listen carefully for any bips or in the other case for blinks of the caps lock led and num lock led,if any tell me how many bips or blinks of the were,,(note:it may happen that the blinks most probabily in the case of ur model will be 2 flashes or one flash and one long one,,in anycase pay atention to them)

After this check to see or listen if ur hdd is workin so u can understant if the OS is being Started up or not,,

If by anychance u have cheked all this u have cheked or skped all this and u are sure that the OS is stardet and the pc works but u cant see a thing connect ur notebook with screen of another pc with the aposite cable and try hitin Fn+F5 to see if the screen turns on if not so from the begening of the conection.

If does not solve write me ur feedback of the operations so i can help u more