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Original post by: jroth ,


This might be kind of late, but try cleaning the phone connector with some rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide and a q-tip.  You can cut the middle of the q-tip at an angle to create a pick to get gunk out of the connector and use the peroxide and rubbing alcohol to clean off the leads (metal connectors).  I had to flatten the q-tip end (I used pliers) so it would fit inside the connector on the phone.  I was amazed with the sharp end how much stuff I got out (make sure the connector/wire goes in all the way).  Then when I put peroxide in, it foamed and then I rinsed it out with rubbing alcohol and wiped more dirt off the leads with the soft end of the q-tip.  I was able to charge my phone once, but had to repeat the process to get it to charge again.