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This is a defect of the port.  Dell supplied the wrong type plug for the port.  The port is square but the plug isn't.  If you put the plug in the wrong way it will push the pins up so the plug can't connect with them.The diagram of the plug connection on the plug itself should be facing up, not down, when inserted properly.  My brother has come up with a solution that works. It fixed the problem; hopefully permanently. My Venue is now charging again. You take a toothpick and very carefully put it inside against the right edge of the port and gently move it up and over into position so the toothpick lays horizontally and parallel across all the pins at the same time. Very, very gently push down. All the pins will move down at the same time. It only has to move a tiny fraction for the plug to fit correctly, so don’t push too hard or you will break the pins off and render the Venue useless.  He said he had the same problem once with a flip-phone and that was what he had to do to fix the problem. Once you get the Venue charging again, while it is plugged in you should mark the top of the plug (I used white out) so you never put the plug in the wrong way again. This works.