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Original post by: rodbautista ,


I have lost over 3 hours of what should have been a straightforward fix.  I removed a working digitizer from one  5C, then replaced the broken one on my wife's 5C.  Went through all the trouble of replacing all the screws only to power it on to a backlit black screen.  I've unscrewed, reseated connectors, added tape/paper in between connectors (several others have reported this to have fixed the problem) more times than I can count.  It is infuriating.  Earlier in this process, the screen came on depending on the angle that the assembly was at.  I can only guess that the issue lied in the ribbon cable for the screen.  After several different yanks and pushes of the cable, it went from half screen to black and white checkerboxes/lines to now nothing.  I have concluded that the digitizer cable is now kaput and have ordered a replacement via Amazon 1 day.  Hopefully it just plugs in and viola, my nightmare is over.  This was so %#*@ infuriating.  I will update on how the new replacement digitizer works out.