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Original post by: marinda159 ,


I am having the same issue with mine.  My son and I tried it out for maybe a total of 2 hours ride time off and on before the battery light on top that was green started blinking red and beeping at him.  Our charger stayed green when we plugged it in.  I left it charging for 1 hour ... checked it -- it was flashing green (meaning at 50% according to the manual) Left it charging for another hour (states 2-3 hours - assuming 3 hours max!!) still blinking green.  At hour 3 (my last attempt) the battery light on the swagway was solid green so we were excited!!! Got on it and it quickly turned to red blinking then beeping at us again :( So sad about it and frustrating!! What happened to yours???  It's not a calibration thing is it?! Because I think that is the solid circle light when it blinks red.