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HP 530 laptop won't turn screen on after press power button


Hi everyone!

I have a second-hand HP 530 Laptop. It was working fine for the first year. Last week, I closed its lid and then it slept, but I when I tried to restore my session, the power button is on but the screen is off. I thought it was an error and try to restart it, but only the power button light is on. The WiFi and Capslock light only flashed once and the fan was still running & I can feel the heat from it. I searched for it and as the guide on , I removed a RAM and it worked fine. The slot #2 was seem to be dead, but when I tried to hot plug RAM here, CPU-Z could recognize it.

It was working again till yesterday. When I was working on it, the screen froze and the laptop automatically shut down. I tried to restart and the screen is dead, again.

Anyone have ideas about this? Thanks a lot! Please help me.


HP 530