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Original post by: Francesco Marchetti ,


MacBook Pro doesn't turn on


Hello guys,

I looked here for a solution to my problem but nothing helped me. I was using my macbook pro copying  some pictures from an usb key to a folder, but suddenly my laptop  turned off. Here it is what i tried to do

I tried plugging in the charger

i removed the battery and plugged it again after 10 minutes

i tried to remove the battery, plug in the charger and try to boot

i tried to remove the battery, pressed the power on button, then connected the battery again, tried again to boot pressing the button and cmd  for 10 seconds.

i tried to boot the mac pressing the key combination SHIFT-CTRL-CMD- Power button for ten seconds

I removed the HDD and installed the older one

i switched the RAMS

i removed both and one ram too

'''Nothing worked '''

One month ago i had another problem with my laptop and the technician installed a new hdd.  My laptop worked until today

What do you suggest?


MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid 2012