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Original post by: Zhurik ,


Faced with a similar problem, but I have all the fun:

Time capsule 2GB, 4th Generation A1409. If i start it – it works. If i turn off and start again - it does not work:

The LED is not lights;

Ports do not lights;

No AirPort connection;

Fan, HDD – spinning OK!

If there is no power for 1-2 days, I'm trying to start – it`s works! I think this is the super magic of Apple!

I'm Check the power supply - running output of 5.2 and 12.2 volts. This unknown element "J6" - as "broken" as pictured above. In my opinion, it's just a bridge into a ferrite ring and its replacement will not solve anything. All who have such a problem, write what you have voltage at the output of the power supply.

I'm trying to connect a working power supply from an old PC. Nothing has changed - if you turn after a long wait - works. If you turn off and turn on again - it does not work! It can be concluded that my problem in the power supply and the element "J6". I think the problem is somewhere in the motherboard and the problem is connected only with the power supply circuit 5 volts.

Found here is the solution:

But I do not try it, I think the problem is not a bad soldering or overheating, and something else.

If you see new ideas - I try to warm up this motherboard.

Interests Your ideas!