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Original post by: Albert Park ,


Hi Rachel,

You're referring to the CMOS battery (coin cell)?  If so, take a look at the service manual from HP:

1.)   get an idea of where the battery is located:

- pg. 18     -- shows the battery's relative placement within the body

- pg.  22     -- identifying description of the battery

part# 20  =  CMOS battery

2.)  gather your tools and prepare a suitable environment for opening up your computer:

- pg. 33

- pg. 35    (make sure you disconnect all power source to the laptop and drain whatever power trailing within the laptop, proper grounding, etc.)

3.)  disassembly:

- pg. 39      -- starts here, the HP guide has nice visuals to aid you through each step leading up to the

CMOS battery exposure

-- you'll remove the battery pack(pg.40), then the service cover (pg.41), then the hard

drive (pg. 42)

** no need to follow steps continuing on pg. 43., skip to pg. 49 to see how to replace the coin cell battery.

hope this helps!